Why Our Carbon?

Addressing the Small Business Sustainability Dilemma

Here’s a sobering truth: a mere 1 in 10 small businesses have dived into their carbon accounting. Juggling daily tasks with rising costs makes sustainability seem like a distant dream. That's where Our Carbon steps in. We get it—and that’s why we've tailored our approach with conscientious pricing and a keen understanding of small business hurdles.

It's Our Carbon, Our Call

"Our Carbon" isn’t just a name. It’s a nod to the simple truth that the carbon we produce is ours to manage and reduce. It's not about pointing fingers; it’s about recognizing our role in the carbon story and stepping up. We aim to instil a proactive approach, where leading the change is just what we do.

Accuracy: The Unsung Hero of Genuine Sustainability

Accuracy is pivotal when we talk about carbon footprints. Identifying a baseline with laser-like precision isn’t a mere bureaucratic step, it lets you truly grasp your business’s green impact. Our Carbon’s mission? Ensuring your sustainability investments aren’t based on estimates but on the real deal, driving tangible progress and ROI.

No Hidden Fees, Just Visible Impact

When it comes to costs, Our Carbon doesn’t play hide-and-seek. Our fee structure is unambiguous, and designed for affordability, ensuring that you channel your investments into creating substantive impact instead of deciphering complex pricing.

Meet the team

It’s a collective effort, with all of us from myriad walks of life, pooling together our various expertise in sustainability, tech, business strategy, finance, and, yes, even the expansive universe, to offer something genuinely tailored and accessible. Imagine a room where the astrophysicist, the tech leader, and the environmentalist walk in, not for a punchline, but to rigorously create, debate, and fine-tune approaches that align with the needs and realities of SMEs.

Our narrative isn’t about reaching the finish line the quickest but ensuring that when you do cross it, your steps have been considered, your actions impactful, and your investments, in every sense, meaningful.


Dave Erasmus


Serial entrepreneur and innovator for social-good and the environment. Only Chairman to ever live in the woods for a year.

Andy Mendelsohn


Startup-veteran passionate about leading change through technology. A builder and creator - whether it’s a great team or an elegant piece of code.

Steve Green


Small business marketplace maestro, focused on simplifying sustainability. Occasionally distracted by football.

Gail Rivett


Mathematician-turned-marketer with the formula that Startup Growth = Customer Empathy (Art) + Data-Informed Personalization (Science).

Matthew Pontefract


Sailor, astrophysicist, technologist: Matthew sees climate change in all aspects of his life and is keen to be part of the solution for the next generation.

Chloe Collins

Head of Business Operations

From teaching science in China, to guiding UK SME’s in savvy sustainability plans. Chloe’s agility in all things may come from her off-hours circus training.

Anusha Jegathesan

Sustainability Data Analyst

An enthusiastic Environmentalist, who recently graduated with a Master of Science in Climate Change and International Development.

Jonathon Francis


Master of investments and finance - knowing sustainability’s true ROI. Off-duty, he’s hitting cricket balls for sixes.