Our process


01 Coaching

We’ll coach you to understand your carbon footprint and help you to create your action plan


02 Calculations

Calculating the emissions with each activity in the business


03 Solutions

Select projects that make a real difference through eco-restoration initiatives


04 Sharing

We’ll help you share your sustainability journey with an easy-to-view carbon profile

Our Process - 01


Coaching begins with a 45 minute call in which we discuss your organisation with a carbon lens. We review the business via the Greenhouse Gas Protocol GHG identified scope 1, 2 and 3, including scope 3's 15 categories.

By assessing and establishing the organisational and reporting boundaries, we align our reporting with ISO 14064-1. During the call we discuss and itemise all your available data points, sending you away with a comprehensive list so you can deep dive into collecting the data.


Our process - 02


We use the data provided by you, to calculate the emissions associated with each activity in the business. We might ask you further questions on the information provided, via your preferred method of communication, as well as keeping you up to date on our progress.
Once drafted we share this with you in a profile presentation meeting, highlighting hotspots and blindspots within your current emissions profile.

Our process - 03


Once we have measured you annual emissions and can see areas of target, we can help to roadmap your decarbonisation journey. This will first look at reduction opportunities followed by any offsetting of residual carbon emissions.
Our solutions projects and our portfolio of partners are varied, including things such as EV fleet management, tree planting and global afforestation projects.


Our process - 04


A great way to lead is by example and to show your workings. Sharing your 'our carbon' profile helps wider stakeholders to understand your business decisions and trust your claims.

Sharing your journey will help to educate your network, improve carbon literacy and show your supply chain that you value nature.