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Dive into Sustainability with The Conduit Academy’s Comprehensive Course

26 Feb 2024

Our partner, The Conduit, is once again at the forefront of empowering change-makers with its latest offering: a comprehensive 8-week sustainability course. Now open to non-members of The Conduit, this program, commencing on April 8th, promises an in-depth exploration of climate and sustainability.

Led by experts, including our own Dave Erasmus, the course spans eight critical topics: the path to net zero, energy transition, farming and food, living and moving, circularity, flora and fauna, climate justice, and the pivotal role of business in environmental stewardship. Participants will gain valuable insights from relevant business case studies, enhancing their learning experience.

The Conduit Sustainability Course – Coming April 2024

Dave Erasmus, among the distinguished roster of experts, will illuminate what The Path to Net Zero really means for your company. He’ll unpack the essence and urgency of achieving Net Zero, offering pragmatic insights into carbon accounting, actionable strategies to mitigate carbon footprints, and ways to ensure you avoid unintentional greenwashing. Through Dave’s guidance, participants will grasp the significance of net zero for businesses and learn to navigate the complexities of sustainability with integrity and transparency. (Watch this if you want to discover how Our Carbon embodies these principles with our clients.)

Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards sustainability? Registration details and further information about the course can be found on The Conduit’s website. Hope you join us there.

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