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Liquona: UK’s first Net Carbon Negative Video Production Agency

01 Feb 2024


Enter Liquona, a Surrey-based creative colossus in video production. Known for their mastery in healthcare, charity, and communication projects, they’re not just about snagging trophies; they’re in the business of earning trust with a budget-conscious yet honest approach. Their portfolio? Think corporate storytelling to VR and everything in between​​.

Liquona – from green novice to eco-leader

The Green Lightbulb Moment

As climate chat took the global stage, Liquona had their ‘Aha!’ moment. The carbon cost of their digital wizardry and live-action escapades hit home. From tech that guzzled energy to the carbon trail of location shoots, the writing was on the wall: it was time for an environmental facelift.

Our Carbon to the Rescue

That’s where we, Our Carbon, stepped in. Not as the usual consultants but as navigators through the murky waters of carbon footprints. We kick-started with a Carbon Literacy Foundation, ensuring Liquona’s crew was primed for the challenge. From setting a baseline to crafting a sustainability vision, we were their guide on this complex trek​​.

The Strategic Dive into Data

Liquona embarked on Our Carbon’s five-step strategic odyssey. First up, Data Harvesting – a deep dive into the granular details of their operations, beyond mere averages.

Liquona's journey across Our Carbon's 5-step process

Then, tackling the Three Scopes – from direct emissions in Scope 1 to the trickier indirect emissions in Scope 3. (Intrigued by Scope 3 emissions? We’ll help you decode them to your advantage.) This wasn’t just number-crunching; it was a pursuit of integrity and quality in their emissions data​​.

Unveiling the Results: The reveal? Astounding. A whopping 97% of Liquona’s emissions were lurking in Scope 3, with significant chunks coming from live filming shoots and employee commutes.

97% of emissions were in Scope 3

But the narrative didn’t stop there. Liquona not only mapped their journey to Net Carbon Negative status but exceeded their goals, offsetting emissions by an extra 10%. This was more than hitting a target; it was an ongoing commitment to refining their practices in travel, data storage, and purchasing​​.

Liquona’s Echo: In their words, Liquona’s engagement with Our Carbon painted a clear picture of their direct impact in tonnes of CO2e. They not only managed to offset their emissions but also flipped the script to net carbon negative. That’s not just an achievement; it’s a statement​​.

Closing Thoughts: Liquona’s journey from a green novice to a net carbon negative leader is a tale of ambition, commitment, and smart strategy. Their story is a beacon for other creative agencies aiming to weave sustainability into their narrative. It shows that with the right guidance and a dive into the specifics, any company can turn its carbon story into one of triumph.

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