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Active IQ: Leading with Award-Winning Sustainability Initiatives

30 Jan 2024

Active IQ: Pioneering a Greener Fitness Industry

Active IQ has been at the forefront of the UK’s active leisure sector since 2003, transforming over 500,000 fitness enthusiasts with their comprehensive range of courses. More than just a leader in fitness education, Active IQ has embraced a new role as a steward of the environment, weaving sustainability into the very fabric of their educational frameworks and operations​​.

The Catalyst for Change

The pivot to a greener future for Active IQ wasn’t just an afterthought. Inspired by the seismic shifts in work culture during the pandemic and fueled by their team’s green fervor, Active IQ faced a realization: shaping healthy bodies was commendable, but shaping a healthy planet was imperative. It was this epiphany that catalyzed their foray into sustainability, a move that would redefine their corporate DNA​​.

Active IQ, a leading provider of fitness education and qualifications

The Our Carbon Approach: Demystifying Carbon Accounting

Enter Our Carbon, not as a conventional consultant but as a partner in Active IQ’s journey. Our approach? Simple yet strategic. We began with the Carbon Literacy Foundation, equipping Active IQ’s team with essential knowledge to navigate their carbon footprint. Then, through Baseline Establishment and Guided Sustainability Pathways, we helped them chart a course through the complex terrain of carbon reduction. The aim was clear: to crystallize their sustainability vision with a practical, achievable timeline​​.

Our Carbon's approach: simple yet strategic

Data, Scopes, and Analysis: The Nitty-Gritty of Reduction

The strategy was grounded in rigorous data collection, scrutinizing every activity for its carbon impact. We dissected Active IQ’s emissions into the three scopes, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their footprint. (Intrigued by Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions? Our easy-to-follow guide breaks it all down.) This wasn’t about rough estimates; it was about precision, with our Data Evidence Quality Score and Emission Factor Score providing a robust framework for analysis​​.

The three emission scopes of Active IQ

A whopping 72% of Active IQ’s emissions were sneakily tucked away in Scope 3. Turns out, their biggest carbon offenders were the everyday essentials of fitness education – think manuals, clothing, towels – and notably business travel, a common high emitter in most companies.

Active IQ’s Strides in Carbon Reduction The results were nothing short of remarkable. Active IQ, in partnership with Our Carbon, slashed their carbon emissions by 50% in just two years. A significant portion of this success was in mastering the elusive Scope 3 emissions, revealing how intertwined their operations were with broader environmental impacts​​.

Active IQ's progress in reducing carbon emissions

More Than Just Carbon Numbers But this journey was about more than just numbers. It was about leadership and responsibility. Part of their strategy included educating and collaborating with suppliers to amplify their impact – a move you can learn more about in their upcoming supplier-focused webinar. Active IQ’s own ‘Healthy People, Healthy Planet’ initiative which rallied their community and partners in a collective effort was recognised as the Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year.

Reflections from Active IQ Active IQ’s partnership with Our Carbon was transformative. It wasn’t just about reaching milestones; it was about understanding their impact in tangible terms and making informed, effective decisions towards sustainability. Active IQ’s commitment to this path is a beacon for others in the industry, demonstrating that environmental stewardship is not just possible but essential​​.

Closing Thoughts Active IQ’s story is a masterclass in how environmental stewardship can be seamlessly integrated into the DNA of a business. Their journey with Our Carbon is a testament to the power of precise, informed strategies in achieving sustainability goals. For businesses looking to embark on their sustainability journey, Active IQ’s experience serves as both inspiration and a blueprint for success.

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