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Gemba Advantage: From Social Good to Eco-Good

19 Apr 2024


Meet Gemba Advantage. Founded in 2019, Gemba Advantage emerged as a key player in the software technology sector delivering high-impact software, aiming to improve the working lives of those committed to public service and social good. Their vision  was to target and close the significant gap between  existing public service technology and the potential for digital innovation.

Named after the Japanese term “Gemba” — the place where value is created — their strategy extends beyond simple software development into the heart of their clients’ goals to address digital transformation of processes for greater impact and efficiency.

At Gemba Advantage, it’s not just about delivering top-notch IT solutions; it’s about nurturing a culture where team members thrive not only in their technical roles but also in their contributions to the wider community. The company fosters an environment that encourages every individual to excel and engage in meaningful ways.

The Green Awakening

In 2023, Gemba Advantage, already known for blending social good with tech, decided to take things a notch higher. Spurred by the energy of their Green Committee and inspired by their community projects, they saw a perfect chance to dial up their impact. This wasn’t a new path but an expansion with a new Sustainability role and a fresh commitment to the planet. 

Empowering Gemba Advantage

Enter Our Carbon, not only as carbon experts, but as navigators of the carbon footprint maze.

When companies like Gemba Advantage approach us, they often require an upskilling to be able to understand and talk confidently about their carbon emissions today and their sustainability plan going forward.

At Our Carbon, we break down complex environmental concepts into manageable, clear lessons, guiding our clients from initial curiosity to strategic action. (If you want to upskill on carbon management in less than an hour, take our free 10-part Sustainability for Small Business course.)

Through our Carbon Literacy programs for employees and supplier ecosystems, we not only empower better conversations but also position companies to make informed decisions that can reduce costs, enhance their brand appeal, and future-proof their business against evolving regulations and market demands.

Data Deep Dive

Gemba embarked on a journey with Our Carbon’s five-step strategic process, digging deep into the nitty-gritty of their operations.

Gemba Advantage's journey across Our Carbon's 5 step carbon accounting process

We didn’t settle for surface-level assessments; we aimed for meticulous detail, from direct emissions in Scope 1 to those tricky indirect emissions in Scope 3. (Intrigued by Scope 3 emissions? We’ll help you decode them to your advantage.)

This wasn’t just number-crunching; it was a pursuit of integrity and quality in their emissions data​​. We make sure each client has a score reflecting their data quality and completeness and the relevant emissions factors used to create the carbon equivalents.

Understanding Your Hotspots & Blindspots

Sharing Gemba’s Journey to Date

By using Our Carbon’s online dashboards to share their carbon benchmarks, Gemba Advantage has been able to better showcase their sustainability efforts visually.

Further, hosting Employee Literacy webinars with Our Carbon has significantly elevated their team’s understanding and engagement. Educated employees are not only better equipped to champion your sustainability goals, but their increased job satisfaction and loyalty also enhance recruitment and retention efforts

Similarly, our Supplier Ecosystem Engagement webinars can transform your sustainability efforts into a collaborative achievement, not only meeting your environmental objectives but also enriching those of your partners. This shared commitment can drive widespread change, benefiting your brand reputation and fostering a robust sustainability network.

Impressive Outcomes

The findings were eye-opening: a staggering 95% of Gemba’s emissions were hiding in Scope 3, thanks to business travel, tech purchases, and more. But the journey didn’t stop at discovery. Gemba was ready to act, setting ambitious targets and integrating sustainability into their core business strategies.

Action After Insight: Gemba’s Eco Blueprint

Gemba Advantage is set on lowering their carbon footprint by targeting Net Zero, focusing on emission reductions and offsets. They’re committed to embedding sustainability throughout the organization in partnership with the CEO, ensuring goals align with core values and strategies. 

Gemba Advantage’s Reflection

In their own words, partnering with Our Carbon transformed their approach to carbon management. from an overwhelming task to a streamlined, supported journey toward sustainability.

Closing Thoughts

Gemba Advantage’s journey with Our Carbon highlights a crucial insight: beginning your sustainability efforts means taking that initial step. Although they’ve just established their baseline, this marks a significant start. With ongoing guidance from Our Carbon and a commitment to learning and adapting, Gemba is now poised to set realistic and impactful sustainability goals. This first step is critical, and while perfection isn’t expected immediately, the progress over time can be substantial. As they continue to weave these new goals into their company’s culture and values, Gemba Advantage demonstrates how starting the journey can lead to meaningful, empowered change.

Join the Movement

Inspired by Gemba’s journey from tech leaders to eco-warriors? Your business can also make a significant impact. Let Our Carbon guide you through your sustainability transformation. Start your journey with a free coaching session and see how deep your green impact can go.

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