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Three Words, One Sustainable Vision: Our Carbon’s Guiding Principles

29 Jan 2024

A Message from Dave Erasmus, Our Carbon’s Chairman:

Connecting with those of you who have shown interest in Our Carbon is more than a business exchange; it’s an alignment of values and intentions. So, if you’ve visited our website, reached out, or are considering setting up a meeting, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you.

Your engagement is the first step in a journey of meaningful change, a journey guided by three powerful words: ‘Our,’ ‘Net,’ and ‘Yet.’ These words are the beacons that illuminate our path at Our Carbon, and they encapsulate the ethos that sets us apart.

‘Our’ – Belonging and Responsibility

The term ‘Our’ reflects a profound sense of belonging. In acknowledging that the carbon in the air belongs to us all, we embrace a collective responsibility that naturally fosters accountability and ignites action. It’s a recognition that the words we choose and the actions we take shape the world we live in and our relationship with it.

‘Net’ – Precision and Transparency

‘Net’ is a critical term that is often overshadowed in grandiose claims about carbon. At Our Carbon, we are committed to using precise language and backing our claims with transparent and rigorously verified numbers. We help our clients articulate their journey to net zero with the exactness it demands, ensuring their words and actions resonate with integrity.

‘Yet’ – Hopeful Realism and Consistent Progress

The word ‘yet’ is a testament to our hopeful realism. We understand that meaningful change is a process, not an event. It’s about setting realistic timelines, celebrating each milestone, and acknowledging that while we may not have achieved our carbon goals today, we are on a steadfast path to doing so.

Our Carbon’s Commitment to You

We pledge to offer clarity in a complex landscape, to provide carbon accounting that’s rooted in accuracy, and to ensure that every step you take towards sustainability is impactful and meaningful. With conscientious pricing and a deep understanding of the hurdles small businesses face, we are here to ensure that your sustainability investments are based on reality, not estimates.

As we embark on this journey together, we’re excited about the potential that lies ahead. Whether we’re connecting over a Zoom call or delving deeper in a coaching session, we’re eager to collaborate with brave businesses like yours to lead the way towards a balanced relationship with carbon and our planet.

Thank you for considering Our Carbon as a partner in your sustainability journey. We look forward to the shared growth and progress that await us.

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